The Value of Work Experience - Reed In Partnership - Northern Ireland
  • June 14, 2016

The Value of Work Experience

The Value of Work Experience

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There are many rewards and benefits from completing a work experience placement. Work experience helps you to build your own skills, offers you self-confidence and enables you to discover the right path for your future. See what Efrahim had to say about completing work experience with us at Reed in Partnership.

“Completing a week of work experience in marketing has helped me get a real taste of the world of work. What I learnt from my time in the marketing department is that work experience allows us to develop new skills, it urges us to get out of our comfort zones and most importantly, it gives us a better understanding of what it is we would like to do in the future.

During my placement, I have been able to develop skills not only in marketing but also relevant to work in general. For instance, having the opportunity to produce a communications strategy for an upcoming project has enabled me to have to think about how to target specific audiences which is something I haven’t done before. But I have also been able to develop my time management by having to work to set deadlines, which is something that is valuable when starting a career.

Being in a completely different environment has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone. I was able to attend a Media and Public Affairs Networking forum with my supervisor, a type of event I had never attended before, where I realised the significance of making connections and building strong relations when building a career. Though I was nervous at first, it was exciting to try something new and learn something in the process.

Another useful aspect of work experience is that it helps you to narrow down an area of work they you may or may not be interested in. Being a part of the team, attending conference calls, writing up case studies and participating in decision making has led me to consider a possible career in marketing.

My time at Reed in Partnership has not only helped me to develop new skills but it has given me a better idea of what career path I may take. This is why work experience is so important, it allows us to leave as a more rounded individual ready to face the future.”

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