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  • November 21, 2017

Make your CV stand out

Make your CV stand out

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When you start to think about applying for a new job remember you do not have long to impress. Once you have completed the job application and submitted your CV, your job is done! Your CV will land into the full inbox of a recruiter where it will sit amongst hundreds of other applications. Studies show that in fact recruiters spend up to seven seconds on average looking at a candidates CV, which certainly doesn’t leave you much time to impress.

In order to ensure your CV is considered it’s important to remember these points:

Keep is short and sweet

Your CV shouldn’t be no longer than 2 pages. Try and make your CV as concise and punchy as possible by reducing text and sticking to the main points.

Don’t waffle

By keeping your CV short you will be forced to reduce any unnecessary points. If it helps, write in bullet points.

Check your grammar and spelling

One of the biggest turn offs for a potential employer is grammar and spelling mistake. Your CV is an important document which could lead to a job so show your future employer that you are attentive, focused and professional.

Tailor your CV

Recruiters and employers see numerous CV’s when they are recruiting, however a CV that is tailored to the role will show that you are interested and invested in landing that position.

No qualifications? Talk about your skills

Displaying your transferable skills and work experience is just as valuable as having certain qualifications. Tailor your experience and knowledge to show skills that would be suited to the role you are applying for.

Lastly, when it comes to writing your CV always remember to be truthful, produce an honest and professional document.