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  • December 15, 2017

Make Your CV Right For You

Make Your CV Right For You

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Don’t have a great CV or the best past experience? Tailor your CV and make a great impact.

Changing Careers

Don’t be put off changing careers because you lack experience. Changing careers is a big step so make sure you fully understand the role, pay and the work-life balance of your new career.

At this stage in your career it really doesn’t matter what direct experience you have but the transferable skills you have learnt along the way as the skills you have acquired throughout your job history can be adapted for any role. As long as you can prove to a future employer your skills and previous experience, changing careers shouldn’t be too difficult.

First Job

If you have just finished studying you may have no real work experience yet. If this is the case, emphasise your qualifications and what ‘real-life’ or school experience you have e.g. prefect. Highlight your strengths and weaknesses and describe what skills you could bring to the work place.

It is okay to mention your hobbies and interests as these can demonstrate your leadership skills, personality and commitment.

No Qualifications

If you don’t have any or very little it’s okay! This is a great chance to demonstrate your transferable skills and work experience, however if this is the case, ensure you back this up with real examples.

If you feel that you need more or further qualifications you can enrol on a course or speak with your employer about furthering your career with extra qualifications. This will show your determination and willingness to learn new skills.

Gaps In Your CV

Having gaps in your CV is completely normal and certainly not something to worry about. Whether you took some time out to travel, raise a family or simply a career break, stating this to your future employer is key when submitting your CV.

However, be aware that some unexplained gaps can be off-putting to a future employer but by stating a simple reason why there may be a gap in your CV can be the difference between getting and interview and

Remember to always tell the truth on your CV.

You may be applying for your first or tenth job but learning how to tailor and write your CV is important no matter what stage you are at. Your CV is a great selling tool, so use it!