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  • July 1, 2016

Job Search Tips

Job Search Tips

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Job searching can sometimes be difficult – especially when you’re having no luck finding the right job for you.Our expert Employment Advisers are here to help with their top tips!

“Purchase a bingo pen get the local paper on job advert day and mark the jobs that mention a key word – for example administration or retail.This will stop you reading adverts about jobs that have no relevance to you and decrease job search fatigue!” Eimar O’Malley Employment Advisor

“Network, cold call and reach out to employers and companies to see what hidden jobs are available.” Jonathan Pardoe Employment Advisor

“You choose an employer as much as they choose you – select a company you believe when pursuing long term job goals.” Lisa Mckevitt Health & Wellbeing Officer

“Don’t give up. Looking for a job can be challenging and frustrating but hard work and perseverance will pay off.” Breina McElwee Advisor Manager

If you need any more advice when it comes to job searching then sign up online for friendly one to one help with our Employment Advisers. Click here to get started.